Woodsboro ISD Elementary Music Program

1st through 3rd grade, Early Beginnings

The Woodsboro ISD elementary music program starts in first grade where kids will beginning learning and experiencing the building blocks of music. Our program follows the popular Orff philosophy, giving kids an early chance to play and create their own music. Orff is a teaching method that encourages the idea of learning through play, providing kids with simple instruments for fun, interactive learning that engages kids and involves them on a deeper level than a traditional lecture experience. This, along with other general music education, will provide the students with a strong foundation going forward with any musical interests they may have.

More information on the Orff-Schulwerk method can be found here


4th and 5th grade, A New Toy


Starting in fourth grade, students will begin their journey into wind instruments with a provided recorder. Through this they will begin a more advanced learning experience. Students will learn to read more complicated music and rhythms on the xylophones and drums that they've grown comfortable with, as well as on the recorders, to strengthen their ability to read music on their own and prepare them for higher music education. Recorders provide them with the experience of playing their own wind instrument and develop some finer motor skills involved in playing instruments, while continuing a more advanced education on the Orff instruments allows students to focus on the subject they are learning, instead of on trying to learn a brand new instrument.

Sixth grade, The Journey Begins

Sixth grade is the final step of the elementary music program. Students will be tested on multiple instruments of their choice that interest them and will be given a suggestion and be allowed to try them before deciding what they would like to play for the majority of their band experience. After choosing their instruments they will learn how to care for and play their specific instrument and begin playing pieces as a full concert band. This will start them on their journey into middle and high school band, with proficiency in an instrument that they enjoy, a good handle on reading notes and rhythms on sheet music, and a strong background on musical basics. All of this provides a slow, adaptable pace to learn music in order to make the transition into a concert and marching band program the fun experience of finding new friends, growing your talent with one or even more instruments, and having fun playing new and exciting pieces with the rest of the band.