Sherry is a 42000 year old wizard who has traveled far into the future to find the answer to happiness. She found that in the year 16752, the people of Old Terra, formerly known as Earth, have discovered that true happiness lies in the world of music. All buildings now play music and leave their doors open so people may enjoy a myriad of tunes on their commute to work. Headphones are free for all who may want them and Apple has partnered with Sony to give free MP3 players to any who ask.

After her discovery, Sherry decided to embrace the art she enjoys most, music, as well as pass it on to others who may be interested. Now she raises our future musical generation in hopes that they will continue to teach and spread this wonderful art to their future generation as well. Also she has a cool cat named Max and she likes Hello Kitty, maybe a little too much.

And the story as Sherry tells it...

I am currently the band director for Woodsboro ISD.  I teach 1st-5th grade music, beginner band, 7th and 8th grade bands, and the Mighty Eagle Band.  I also teach dual credit English and music courses through Coastal Bend College.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing French horn, crafting, and collecting antique books.  

I have one son and one daughter.

Eric, who is 25 and lives in Huntsville and sometimes helps me with technology issues - which often involves writing a lot of lies about me in my biography...

I have two dogs and 2 cats that live with me in Woodsboro, and I have a family farm in Denhawken.